Dentists suggest beginning to brush your child’s teeth when they erupt.  Initally you can use a wet washcloth to wipe the teeth or a soft brush wih water.  You can use children’s toothpaste without flouride until the child is able to spit out regular toothpaste on his own.

As the parent, you will be the one brushing the teeth and the child may assist when they become competent. Often two brushes help, one for the parent to do the job and one for the child to play with.

Water for your child

A source of water that has fluoride in it is important to cavity prevention. We have noticed an enormous increase in families in the office with bottled water. Most do not have fluoride. Dentists have noted a large increase in cavities since this is more common in the last decade. Childhood cavities were nearly gone before the bottles water craze appeared.  I bet you were unaware that there are more quality controls and better standards of what is acceptable in our Chicago tap water than what is in almost all bottled waters! Tap water is also cheaper and you do not have to buy it, bring it home, store it, nor do you have to get rid of the plastic bottles afterwards.