* Firmly pinch the nostrils closed together and hold continuously for 10 minutes, holding over the bony part won't stop the bleeding

* Have child lean forward and spit out any blood in the mouth

* Release the nose after 10 minutes, if still bleeding then squeeze the nostrils again for another 10 minutes


   * Use a humidifier during the dry, winter months and during a "cold"
   * Nasal saline sprays keep nasal membranes moist
   * Apply petroleum jelly inside the nose twice a day
   * Use positive reinforcement to discourage child from nose picking
   * Treat nasal allergies as directed by health care provider
   * Avoid frequent use of Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)

Call our office if:

   * The nose bleed does not stop after 20 minutes
   * The nosebleed is a result of a traumatic injury
   * You see a foreign body in the nose
   * Your child feels lightheaded or dizzy
   * Nosebleeds are occurring daily despite preventative measures
   * Nosebleeds are accompanied by other unusual bleeding or excessive bruising