Spitting up (regurgitation) is extremely common in the first year of life, usually starting at a few weeks of age and resolving by about 1 year of age, sometimes longer. Spitting up results from a small amount of stomach contents backing up the esophagus shortly after a feeding. In babies, the valve at the top of the stomach is "weak", which allows for this process to occur. In most cases it is harmless and does not distress the baby or cause weight loss. It actually becomes more of a laundry issue for many parents.

Signs of Spitting Up:

   * Volume of "spit up" is 1 to 2 mouthfuls
   * Baby is not distressed
   * Usually occurs after a feeding
   * Baby is growing normally

Home Treatment:

   * Feed smaller amounts - overfeeding will lead to spitting up
   * Space feedings at least every 2-3 hours
   * Burp baby during feedings
   * Do not diaper to tightly
   * Avoid pressure on abdomen after feedings
   * Keep in a more upright position after a feeding for about 30 minutes
   * Elevate the head of the crib an inch or so (do not use pillows to elebate head of crib, prop
     something under the mattress.)

Call our office if:

   * Notice any blood in the "spit up"
   * Notice choking episodes or coughing after a "spit up"
   * Do not see an improvement after using the home treatment plan
   * Think your baby is not gaining weight
   * Think your baby is sick, overly fussy, or has forceful projectile "spit ups"
   * You have other questions or concerns